HaveHeart Festival’s original goal was to create an event dedicated to creating a fun, safe, family-friendly environment where talent can be enjoyed passionately, while raising and promoting skateboarding and longboarding, in all its facets, in Somerset West and beyond.

Since our third annual event got canceled due to our event permit being declined HaveHeart is feeling the energy and vibe among the boarders for our next step.

We are very happy and excited working with our 2018 ambassador, an energetic young man who loves the longboarding and the fun and community that goes with it.

In the meantime, have a look at the origin story below.



1. This event aims to create a platform where talent can be enjoyed passionately in a community where we see, love and respect one another in safe and accessible streets.

2. This event wants to raise and promote, in particular, skateboarding and longboarding, in Somerset West and beyond.

3. This event aims to equip young and raw God-given talent & passion.

4. This event aims to create, and or, sustain a Godly community that serves one another by involving, partnering and inviting the community, from all ages and backgrounds, to organize and/or participate and be recognized for the contribution and/or participation.


1. We will achieve our vision by partnering with local influential businesses, landmarks and organizations that support a safe environment where community cohesion can be enhanced.

2. We will create an engaging, expressive and explosive platform (event/festival) that will nurture and develop teenager’s talents and passions.

3. Will involve as many churches, schools, businesses and people as possible.

Community involvement and participation is paramount in achieving our vision. If you would like to partner with us, sponsor us, or become involved in any way, feel free to contact us.